Please be on the lookout for jaime's work in these fine cookbooks:

A good photographer has to have an ease of self and good rapport with his subjects. So that they feel like themselves, act like themselves, let their own best sense of self show through on film. Jaime does that.
— Troy Johnson (Food Network)

Jaime is a west coast and baja california photographer 

He won "Best in Show" at the 2015 press Club Awards for his photography of Baja 

His work has appeared in Modern Farmer, Eater, Zagat, Edible, New Worlder, and more

Jaime loves little farms, great ingredients, old Ford trucks, rock and roll, other music, Mexico, coursed dinners, family style dinners, all dinners, breakfast, herbs, Oregon, weather, the woods, non-data point happenings, books, mycelium, salt fermentation, witch doctors and good water

He has taught home butchery classes, creates unique food events, and has served as the Slow Meat delegate representing Slow Food Urban San Diego

Along with his work he tends an ever healthier patch of soil, laying hens, ducks, rabbits, fruit trees, dogs, some friends and a family

1st Oyster

1st Oyster

To work with a new photographer can be an act of faith but working with Jaime has been a complete blessing.
— Ryland Engelhart (Cafe Gratitude)